I Was a Tough Military Man Until Fatherhood Unleashed All My Emotions


As early as middle school, I was working tirelessly on my image and wanted to make sure everyone knew how tough I was. After all, I was the younger brother of a tough guy. It was a difficult sell in high school when I was 5’10” and 130 pounds, but I played sports and had big, tough friends. This image stuck around after high school, as I worked in construction and at auto body shops, and culminated when I joined the military. I’ll never claim to be a Navy SEAL by any means, but getting through boot camp for enlisted Sailors was still quite the feat. When I was deployed to the Persian Gulf for nine very long months at 22 and newly married, I felt I had seen it all and couldn’t be broken. Boy, was I wrong!

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3 thoughts on “I Was a Tough Military Man Until Fatherhood Unleashed All My Emotions

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  1. This was a very relatable post. My edge has definitely been smoothed over, first by my wife, then my son, and I’m sure when my next baby is here in November I will be a puddle of pudding haha. Great post again man!

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