That Monday Feeling

As we approach another Monday morning and the start of the work week for many of us, I look around social media all of the memes and pictures of those of us dreading Monday.  I have to admit that I am guilty of this as recently as yesterday, dreading the start of the work week.  As I lay in bed last night and everything that I have to get done on Monday starts running through my head, I have an epiphany… Do we really need to dread Mondays?


How we feel is completely up to us!  I woke up this morning and saw that it was raining, instead of being upset about it, I snoozed my alarm because I realized that I will be driving to work instead of taking the Metro and I could get 15 extra minutes of sleep, that’s a positive right?  When I got out of bed, I leaned over to set the alarm for my wife to get my son ready for school and remembered that he was off school but instead of resenting her extra sleep, I smiled and was happy that she gets an extra day break after working on her side business all day on Saturday and doing laundry yesterday.  I took a nice, long shower and decided that my Monday is not going to be doom and gloom.  I am going to better myself and do my best to be positive.

I mentally prepare for each day’s activities and try to think about what we are going to have for dinner each night during the week while accounting for dance class, soccer practice and possibly working late.  Instead of thinking about what deliverables are due at work and which meetings that I need to contribute to, I will think about what I can do with my son when we are alone while his mom and sister are at dance class, I’ll check the weather to see what day will be best for the trampoline with the kids or a nice run, I’ll prepare which workouts are best for each day this week to keep me sweating and therefore happy!


About 8 or 9 years ago, my wife had a job that she was not happy working before we had kids.  I remember being in the apartment at that time and Sundays were miserable and she explained to me that she had Sunday syndrome because she was already preparing for how unhappy the work week will be.  I had never heard of this before and I’ve had many hard jobs but recently I started to experience this terrible syndrome.  On Sundays, I usually make a large meal and invite over my dad, brother and his family or the in laws.  In between the grand cooking, I iron my clothes for the next work day, I get my lunch ready and I pull food out of the freezer for the week’s dinner.  As the time goes on in the day, I would crack a beer or two and truly dread the upcoming week instead of just enjoying the little bit of time I had left to enjoy.  As my wife and I sat watching our favorite TV show last night, my mind ran at 100 MPH and I wasn’t able to enjoy Q, Sal, Joe or Murr reading ridiculous names out at a focus group while trying not to laugh.  Impractical Jokers, always makes me laugh, but I feel myself on Sundays feeling less amused and I realized that is a shame.  It is time to make a change!

It is about changing your mindset.  I am taking that first step to be positive and according to my wife, major lifestyle changes need to start on a Monday (her diet and exercise regimen start today too).  I am going to have a better day on purpose today and I hope you all do the same!

Be strong and positive out there dads!

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  1. I’m the same way. I get through it by reminding myself that work starts on Monday, not Sunday, and I give myself permission to do all the worrying I want, tomorrow. It helps, sometimes 🙂

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