Super Dad Balance

Most adults come to the realization that we need to strike some kind of balance in our life.  We all have times that are busier or more stressful than others and those are the times that we must rely more heavily on our support system.  My wife is my rock and I am so lucky to have her.  With the holidays over and most of my normal activities slowing down in the winter, this is as good a time as any to look at the lack of balance in my life over the past few years.  None of us are perfect, but I want to be closer.


To say that I’ve had a lot going on recently would be an understatement!  When I got out of the Navy in April of 2015, I started working a job where I was on the road pretty much every week and putting in 60+ hours regularly.  I moved my family to a new state, then traveled a little less but still was gone too much so started a new job.  I coached my son’s soccer team and still am, I started this blog and writing for the Huffington Post and am helping my wife launch her LuLaRoe business.  All of this was happening while I was going to school full time, a full 12 credits per semester.  My mom always told me that if you need something done, to ask a busy person.  I am so proud to say that I am finally done with school (until I decide to pursue my MBA) and can refocus on what is important.  I had countless Sundays where my wife would take the kids out of the house and allow me to do homework for hours on end, I spent many lunch breaks at work eating a sandwich at my desk and posting in the discussion forums and many long days culminated with a few more hours of homework.  The stress got to me at times for sure!  My family was always my bright spot and made me rethink things.  My wife (who passionately hates cooking) offered to help by making dinner a few nights; she ironed my work clothes for the next day and always made my lunch taking a few extra stressors off my plate.  I was coming up on a deadline on a Sunday and it was just Brennan and I at home and he had begged me to play with him all day but my head was in my laptop, finally I had to put it down and we went and jumped on the trampoline for an hour and had a great time.  Not only did it make him feel good but it gave me a fresh perspective and a little relaxation.


We all make New Year resolutions that last a few weeks and we are back to our old habits but this year will be different.  Without school in my head, I can regain my balance and focus on my family.  I don’t think there is a single parent alive who sits back at night and thinks, “I am the best parent ever and I don’t need to improve on anything”.  We all have our flaws and my temper got much shorter with all of the extra stress, I will improve on that and take a breath before I react with my children and in the car.  I want to be a better husband and father every day because who knows where I would be today without my family.  I want to better myself personally and professionally and be able to keep both of them completely separate.  Thanks to my motivation buddy Bryan, I have gotten back to working out 6 days a week and it really does change my mentality.  No balance or plan is perfect for everyone, but there is almost always room for improvement and I want to keep improving as a person every day because I know that there are littles looking at my every move and I want to be the best example that I can be.

2017 will be a great year for the Roeder’s because we will make it that way.  We want to send our best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year!  And to the rest of you Super Dads out there, keep fighting the good fight, but remember that without your tiny humans, you’re just a super guy.

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