Santa Who?


With Christmas upon us, I have come to the realization that my seven year old son may actually be way too smart for his own good.  I was lucky enough to get a day off work this week to be able to volunteer in his class for half of the day and help them with crafts and have their holiday party.  His school is very diverse and they spent the week looking at Christmas around the world and learning about many other holidays such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and even a little about Winter Solstice.  While helping a group that my son wasn’t in, a little girl told me out loud “I know that Santa isn’t real”.  I tried my best not to panic but there was no way that I was allowing this little girl to ruin some of the innocence of the other children around.

I decided to ignore the comment and pretend I didn’t hear anything while I gathered my thoughts as I was taken off guard.  She then repeated it much louder.  I decided that I had to take action.  I asked her if Europe was real, and how she knew it was if she had never seen it.  I told her that everyone’s families believed different things and that Santa knows who believes in him and that’s why he only visits certain houses to keep his magic alive and well.  About 10 minutes later I saw her alone and decided that I wanted to dive in a little deeper now that the believers were on board with what I said earlier.  I went to her and told her that Santa and St. Nick is about the joy of giving for those who believe and even if you don’t think that Santa is a real person, the reason that he was created was to allow people to give to each other without expecting anything in return.  I told her that it wasn’t very nice for her to try to ruin the spirit of Santa to all of her classmates who still believe.  I told her that my gift every year is to see my son and daughter come down stairs and look so surprised that Santa came in the middle of the night and left them presents.  She said she understood and promised to only talk about Santa and whether or not she believes with her family.


My attention then shifted to my son…  He is incredibly smart and intuitive to a lot going on around him.  When we went to go see Santa at the local mall, he whispered to me so that his little sister couldn’t hear that he knows this isn’t the real Santa because he can’t be everywhere but he thinks that this one works for the real one so he will play along.  I was curious how long this will go on before someone else in school, or worse, he catches us frantically putting toys together or wrapping everything on Christmas Eve.  I love the fact that he believes and get so excited for Christmas, I never want him to lose that innocence.  At the same time, it would not surprise me if a few years down the road that he tells me that he has known for a long time but didn’t want to let Lilly or us down by telling us, he is such a sweet boy when he wants to be.

Every year on Christmas Eve, social media blows up with pictures of trees and billions of presents surrounding them.  My wife and I admit to going a little overboard every year but we never go outside our means.  I am split every year as to what presents are from Santa and what are from us, not that it ever really matters.  I don’t want Brenn to brag that Santa got him an Xbox for Christmas when another family couldn’t afford much and make other kids self-conscience, but I also do not want to take all of the credit.  As a parent, I feel for all families and let’s think before we click share this holiday season.  Not everyone can afford to spoil their kids, so let’s not try to put on too much of a show for your “friends” on social media to see.  There are many others away from home, deployed, working or otherwise indispose that would give everything that they have to just be with their loved ones so just be thankful for what you have, and who you have to share it all with.  Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Hanukkah or whatever else you celebrate, enjoy your time with your loved ones!


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  1. Great post! The way I made my son rethink whether Santa was real or not was to tell him that once he stopped believing I now had to buy his Christmas! You should have seen the look on his face! lol I’m sure it was more mortification at the idea that Mom couldn’t possibly be cool enough to get good presents like Santa did more than the “added expense” I now faced….lol I told him that if he chose not to believe that was fine but not to ruin it for others because everyone should be allowed to come to their own conclusion for themselves.


  2. Late to this post but this is what I told my oldest daughter. We taught her about the magic of Santa and that we are his helpers. Her grandparents, family members and friends are all his helpers. We taught her about saint Nicholas and the meaning behind giving for Xmas. It’s definitely fun and every family treats the subject differently. That’s part of the reason we taught her the magic of Santa and how many kids believe in him which is okay. But like Brenn she starts to wonder how he can be everywhere and how some kids get more or less. Great post!


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